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Gemblary Estate - Washed - Medium-Dark Roast

Gemblary Estate - Washed - Medium-Dark Roast

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 Region / Estate
Servarayan Hills, Salem
CQI Score
Arabica (Kents, S795, Sln – 9, Sln 5b, HRC, Brazillian Catuai, 4180, Chandragiri)
1410 MASL
jackfruit, mandarin oranges
コク( kou-ku)

 Complexity     |      LOW
 Mouthfeel       |      FULL  
       |      SWEET

full-bodied coffee with chocolatey caramel notes, and a sweet aftertaste

Gemblary Estate sits at an altitude of 1410 meters and is located in Shevaroy Hills, Tamil Nadu. Rich humus soil and unique climatic condition give the coffees their unique enriching flavors. Gemblary specializes in Arabica coffees, cultivated with intense care, dedication, and hard work toward growing one of the finest specialty coffees. Coffees are grown under the natural canopy of the shade of Jack fruit, silver oak, Mandarin oranges, and various other country trees. Gemblary is very keen to keep the plants healthy and to ensure the quality and productivity of the beans. Selectively hand-picked cherries and stand-out processing methods create novel flavor profiles for Specialty coffees.

We buy this coffee from Gemblary Estate.

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