about us

step into the vibrant world of kafeido, gurgaon's premier specialty coffee roastery, where every bean tells a story! we're passionate about bringing you only the finest, ethically-sourced coffee beans, roasted to perfection in our cutting-edge facility to ensure every cup is a masterpiece.

but wait, there's more! dive deeper into your coffee journey with our curated selection of top-notch coffee equipment. from sleek coffee filters and drippers to stylish kettles and grinders, and even the classic french press, we've got everything you need to elevate your brewing experience.

at kafeido, we believe coffee is more than just a drink—it's an experience. that's why we've crafted a warm, inviting space where everyone, from coffee aficionados to curious newbies, can gather, explore, and indulge in the art of coffee. come join us, savor the extraordinary flavors, and be part of our mission to deliver not just coffee, but moments of pure joy and transparency in every sip. see you at kafeido roasters—where coffee dreams come alive!


make your every coffee moment perfect


source high quality coffee and equipment from around the world, sell freshly roasted coffee, to provide transparency in our process.

what sets us apart

embark on an enchanting coffee odyssey at kafeido, Gurgaon's gem of specialty coffee roasting.

here, every bean is a treasure, meticulously sourced for its superior quality and ethical origins, then roasted with precision in our avant-garde facility to unlock its unique flavors just for you.

beyond the symphony of our coffee offerings, discover an array of exquisite coffee equipment designed to elevate your brewing artistry.

at kafeido, we don't just serve coffee; we craft experiences. our doors are open to all – whether you're a discerning coffee aficionado or eager to delve into the specialty coffee realm, kafeido roasters is your sanctuary.

join us, and let each sip take you on a journey of taste, quality, and community.

experience the extraordinary – only at kafeido.

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F-56, 1st Floor, Baani Square, Mayfield Garden, Sector 50, Gurugram