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CAFEC Abaca Cone-Shaped Paper Filter White

CAFEC Abaca Cone-Shaped Paper Filter White

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Why ABACA specialty filters?

ABACA Filter Paper is produced using a special technique to incorporate a 2-side crepe feature onto paper to allow smooth water flow and fewer chances of blockage during specialty coffee brewing.

It is made of Abaca (Manila hemp) and mixed with wood pulp. It has good breathability, liquid permeability, tough structure, and elasticity.

Strengths the aromas of your brew, with a cleaner cup overall.

High-quality filter paper

Treated with the utmost care and attention during manufacturing.

Air Dried Filters

For superior smooth texture and flow of water and coffee through fibers.

100% Sustainable

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, Compostable & full-biodegradable.

The FSC certificate shows that the banana-tree fiber to make the paper is only sourced from well-managed, eco-friendly forests. Manilla Hemp is extracted from the leaf-stems of a certain species of banana tree, leaving the wood and tree completely intact.

No bleach, glues, chemicals, or unnatural elements are added to the pulp. This is simply a 100% clean, eco-friendly, forest-sustainable coffee filter paper. No wood is used in the papermaking process.

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