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Abaca specialty coffee filter paper

Abaca specialty coffee filter paper

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coffee filter paper made with ABACA gives a 100% clean, chemical-free clean cup!


Abaca coffee filter paper: sustainable, breathable, & compostable

High-quality coffee filter paper

Treated with the utmost care and attention during manufacturing.

Air dried coffee filter papers

For superior smooth texture and flow of water and coffee through fibers.

Abaca is 100% Sustainable

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is certified, Compostable & full-biodegradable.

Abaca coffee filter papers are an essential component for achieving the perfect cup of coffee. Made from sustainable materials like Abaca (Manila hemp) and wood pulp, these filter papers are specifically designed to enhance the aroma and taste of your specialty coffee.

Thanks to their unique 2-side crepe feature, Abaca coffee filter papers allow for smooth water flow and reduce blockages during the brewing process. The air-dried filters provide superior texture and flow, ensuring that every drop of coffee is extracted evenly.

Abaca coffee filter papers are FSC certified, compostable, and fully biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly choice for coffee lovers. They contain no bleach, glues, chemicals, or unnatural elements, ensuring a clean, chemical-free cup of coffee.

Investing in high-quality coffee filter papers like Abaca is a small but significant step towards achieving the perfect cup of coffee. With their sustainable materials, attention to detail during manufacturing, and commitment to a cleaner brewing process, Abaca coffee filter papers are a must-have for any coffee lover.


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