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Tsubame Mill, Ceramic hand-grinder

Tsubame Mill, Ceramic hand-grinder

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Coffee beans are packaged but coffee is always served fresh. “fresh” is fresh grounded beans, brewed right away.

The “Tsubame Mill” ceramic burr allows you to make an unimpaired flavor of the coffee.

Ceramic burrs don’t heat up as fast or retain heat as much as their stainless steel counterparts. Stainless steel burrs impact your coffee’s flavor since it burns off some oils present in the beans.

Why CAFEC Tsubame Mill?

  1. Ceramic Blade,

    Made-in-Japan ceramic blade retains the sharpness longer, leaves no off-smell of metal, and more, less friction-heat.

  2. The Grip,

    In addition, it is equipped with a "silicone grip" that gives firm strength when grinding coffee beans.

  3. Stainless body,

    Simple and stylish! It is inodorous, stain-and scratch resistant.

  4. It is Easy !

    • to disassemble,

    • to washable,

    • to grind, with only 3 settings

      • Coarse, Filter, and Espresso.

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