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Tsubame Pro

Tsubame Pro

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Why Tsubame?

(su-ba-me , सूबामै )
An important point of hand-drip is to pour water slowly, control the water flow with thin lines of water.

Most people believe hand-drip to be difficult and tedious. Hand drips are associated with Barista Championships and competition. We think, with control on water flow, it is easy, “Tsubame” was born from this thought.

Each Tsubame is hand-made in Tsubame city, Niigata prefecture of Japan. Tsubame City, for centuries, is famous for its high-quality stainless steel. With Tsubame craftsmanship and much difficulty, we were able to create the thinnest spout of 6.0mm.

This allows the barista to pour water to a targeted point. The tip of the gooseneck, with its sharp beak, can break water into droplets.

Anyone can be a professional at hand-drip, once you use it!

  • thinnest spout diameter 6.0mm

    the 6.0mm, is for surprising control of water flow. you will never miss the mark.

  • open flame and IH enabled pot, OK

    the pot can be heated both on an open flame and IH stove.

  • stainless body

    its stainless body is highly resistant to corrosion.

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