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Vietnam, Lam Dong - Typica Honey - Medium-dark Roast

Vietnam, Lam Dong - Typica Honey - Medium-dark Roast

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 Region / Estate
Đưng KNớ, Lam Dong
CQI Score
1335 MASL
コク( kou-ku)

 Complexity     |      LOW
 Mouthfeel       |      SHARP  
       |      SWEET

jasmine, chamomile aromas, nutty-chocolate notes with grapefruit mouthfeel, and a sweet aftertaste

Lam Dong Arabica coffee, particularly the honey-processed variety, represents a unique aspect of Vietnam's coffee culture. Grown in the high-altitude Dung Kno area of Lam Dong, these Arabica beans thrive in a climate that ranges from a cool 5°C to a maximum of 33°C, with fertile basalt soil contributing to their distinctive flavor. The honey processing method, which involves leaving a portion of the coffee cherry's mucilage on the beans during drying, creates a unique flavor profile. This method results in a coffee that is richer in flavor compared to wet-processed beans, yet more balanced than those processed naturally. The resulting beans emit a harmonious blend of sharp acidity and slight bitterness, with a complex aroma of syrup, fresh fruit, honey, and toasted nuts.

This Lam Dong Arabica coffee has garnered international recognition for its quality and taste, matching global coffee standards. It's not just the climatic and soil conditions that make this coffee special, but also the traditional cultivation and innovative processing methods employed by Vietnamese farmers. The dedication of these local producers has elevated this coffee to a global platform, making it a favored choice among coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Lam Dong Arabica with honey processing is more than just a beverage; it's a testament to the unique environmental and cultural factors that shape Vietnam's coffee industry.

We buy this coffee from Amber Specialty Coffee, Ho Chi Minh City

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