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Herbazu Leoncio Micromill - Villa Sarchi, Black Honey - Medium Roast

Herbazu Leoncio Micromill - Villa Sarchi, Black Honey - Medium Roast

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 Region / Estate
West Valley, Lourdes De Cirri / Costa Rica
CQI Score
Villa Sarchi
1650 MASL
black honey
コク( kou-ku)

 Complexity     |     MEDIUM
 Mouthfeel       |     SMOOTH  
       |     BALANCED

it is a fruit bomb!
with a smooth caramel finish

The Elvas Micro Mill, located at an altitude of 1,500m in the West Valley, which is famous as a high-quality coffee-producing area, was ranked 2nd in 2012 by this Leoncio Farm, and in 2015, the SL28 variety, which was cultivated over an eight-year period, was ranked 1st.

The Barantes family has been growing coffee for over 50 years. A pioneer in the Costa Rican micro-mill revolution, he built his own Elvas Micro-mill in 2001 and has since produced and dried himself and is one of the great honey coffee makers.

Also, with the prize money from winning the 2015 COE, a new drying area for vinyl greenhouses was installed. We are also taking on new challenges in production processing.

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