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El Suspiro Estate - Bourbon, Pulped Natural - Light Roast

El Suspiro Estate - Bourbon, Pulped Natural - Light Roast

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 Region / Estate
Aranjuez, Matagalpa / Nicaragua
CQI Score
Orange Bourbon
1450 MASL
black honey
コク( kou-ku)

 Complexity     |     HIGH
 Mouthfeel       |     ROUND  
       |     SWEET

aroma of oranges and apples, with creamy papaya taste

El Suspiro Farm is the smallest of the farms owned by the Mielich family, located in the mountains of Aranjuez in northern Matagalpa. The production volume of all varieties is about 80 bags, but this Bourbon pulped natural is one of the highlights at the private auction held by the Mielich family every year. Among the farms owned, Suspiro Farm, which is located at a high altitude, is considered to be a suitable farm for cultivating the Bourbon variety, due to the combination of fertile soil and virgin forest shade. This unique production environment produces surprisingly fruity and flavorful coffee.

The process of pulped natural is to pulp the cherries carefully harvested from early morning in the evening, after dry fermentation until the next morning with 100% Musilage attached, it will be transported to Don Esteban Dry Mill at an altitude of 670m in Matagalpa.

For the first two days, the mucilage is pre-dried on a vinyl patio, stirring 3-4 times a day to reduce the moisture content to around 50%. After that, it is moved to the three-tiered African bed in the room. top bed until the moisture level reaches about 15%, then move it to the second and third beds, and change it to about 12% over 10 to 12 days. It is slowly dried to the ideal moisture level.

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