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CAFEC SFP (Support Forest Paper) Filter Paper | Made in Japan | 100 Sheets

CAFEC SFP (Support Forest Paper) Filter Paper | Made in Japan | 100 Sheets

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  • Certified by the FSC (Forest Management Committee)
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Natural virgin pulp
  • Shallow double-sided crepe
  • Even and smooth texture
  • No added fluorescent substance
  • Suitable for Flower Dripper and conical drippers (such as Hario V60)


As a pioneer in the development of filter paper with a high reputation in Japan and other Asian countries, CAFEC has been devoted to researching and developing the highest quality filter paper. On top of that, in recent years, they are committed to promoting environmental protection, first with the introduction of the Abaca Filter Paper, following with the SFP Filter Paper. The SFP Filter Paper is an environmentally friendly and sustainable filter paper with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) international certification, which means that the use of raw materials and the production process must meet the traceability standards of the FSC certificate. CAFEC does not only guarantee the quality of each filter paper, but also makes an effort for sustainable development and forest management. The SFP Filter Paper has a texture softer and denser compared to the Abaca Filter Paper. It has a shallow double-sided crepe, which can increase the attachment area of coffee ground for a cup of clean and sweet coffee. While enjoying your coffee, why not contribute to the environment protection with your choice of filter paper?

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