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Roasted coffee

Horton hears a Who!?

why do i need to buy from a macro roaster? our machines are called samplers by micro roasters. there machines are called discoveries by large roasters. there machines are called labs by industrial roasters….. you get the point.
roaster is a roaster, is a roaster. our machines is small, that’s all !

roaster is a roaster, is a roaster. our machines is small, that’s all !

at kafeido we practice macro roasting, only way we can provide extensive customization for the customers. we impact the body and sweetness of the roast to a degree, but that depends on your choice of roast level.

roast level that’s the point… you notice that everyone sells only one roast profile for a varietal , like “xyz valley, light roast” or “abc estate, black honey, dark roast”. that’s because if you get your q grader, you will learn to cup you beans on the sample roast.

the sample roast is done every time a roaster get hand a new batch of coffee variety. we take this batch, roast it in our machine, and the machine records every variable to get to this roast. while the we are at this sample, we withdraw a small cup worth of beans at various point of the roast. then the cups are tasted and profiled. the best cup number is chosen for a particular variety of bean. there onward for ages, it is always represented as that profiled number for that particular variety. all the other profiled roast points for the beans are rejected, no chance is given to represent the bean in another way. it is casted in to a particular flavour. gods wrath for those try to break the caste. thoo thoo!

that’s why we are macro roasters, we can get different flavours out of that same bean. you see there are like thousand different chemicals in a coffee beans….yeah, long story another day.

we think, if modulate with three variables (heat, duration, and time after first crack), we can produce four different roast profiles. each unique and delicious in itself. from the same bean.

wow….so every roast is a custom roast for me!?

no, we also standardize our roast profile to certain extent. look up, our machines are small. that’s all. we customize as much our machine allow us, we standardize as much as our machine allows. all our roasters friends do the same.

so, that means our other roaster cannot change there taste at all? now that answer depends upon them. some do not want. the roaster at nestle is trying his best to produce the same flavour every day for last 100 years! other roasters are constantly trying to get more our of their beans and machines.

we hope, after reading this small blog our readers can fathom why we roasters can co-exist with each other. in summary, it is your palate. some of us like that nestle taste, and always want it. some like that bitter coffee taste, and love french/dark roasts. some of us try their best to bring the same bean in the same way every time we roast. we try to bring the best in every order we get.

because our machine is small, that’s all.

for reference, some difference between various scale of roasting, no sources :(





batch size (kg)

60+ kgs

5.0 - 60 kgs

2.5 - 5.0 kgs

0.2 - 1.0 kilo



drum, packed bed

drum, hot air

drum, hot air











batch variations

none to low


usually in the first batch

no one batch is same

gap time

few hours




exhaust quanitity




low to none

people involved





temperature control


digital + mechanical